The most functional Bitcoin application on your phone

The most functional Bitcoin application on your phone

Currently, there are a large number of programs for buying BTC and other mobile cryptocurrency applications. Many features of these programs overlap, but some remain exclusive to certain systems.

In this article, we will try to choose the most ultimate, functional and simply the best bitcoin application for Android or IOS.

Types of mobile cryptocurrency applications

Almost all crypto programs can be divided into four large groups:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets for Ios or Android. They provide functions for storing, transmitting / receiving cryptocurrency.
  • Applications for buying bitcoin for the phone – exchangers. Allow you to buy BTC directly through your mobile phone in various ways.
  • Cryptocurrency trackers – portfolios. They implement the functionality of tracking prices, as well as the capitalization of the crypto market in general and your set of cryptocurrencies in particular.
  • Mobile cryptocurrency exchanges. They have a wide list of different cryptocurrencies, allow you to store and exchange one coin for another.

Let’s analyze each type of mobile cryptocurrency applications in more detail.

Cryptocurrency wallets for iPhone and Android

The first mobile programs that allowed you to work with cryptocurrency on your smartphone were mobile crypto wallets. Almost every major coin has its own official mobile wallet. In addition, there are hundreds of third-party solutions.

Features of mobile cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Security. Most mobile crypto wallets have their own specific methods to protect users’ cryptocurrencies from scammers and thieves. For example, some use the Seed login – a phrase, others store user funds in whole or in part in “cold” storage, which cannot be accessed from the network.
  • Simplicity. The functionality of most of these programs does not allow you to get confused in their design or capabilities. Usually the interface consists of several buttons: Receive, send, view transaction history.
  • Unusual features. Due to the high level of competition, wallets offer interesting competitive features. For example, in the BitcoinProApp mobile crypto wallet, you can transfer bitcoin directly to a phone number. Not using complex public addresses.

The main disadvantage of mobile cryptocurrency wallets is the limited interaction of the user with his currencies. You will not be able to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, sell or buy bitcoin. You will not be able to effectively track rate jumps. Of course, there are exceptions everywhere, such as the BitcoinProApp program, but we will talk about this below.

Applications for buying bitcoin and other currencies

Perhaps the most needed mobile Crypto services are platforms for buying or selling bitcoin. There are whole trading services. private exchangers. P2P trading platforms, where ordinary people generate advertisements for buying/selling cryptocurrencies.

Features of applications for buying Bitcoin:

  • Many ways to buy bitcoin. The developers of such services are trying to implement the most popular ways to purchase bitcoin in your region. For example, in BitcoinProApp you can buy bitcoin for Qiwi, Sberbank or Yandex.Money. And in Coinbase with a card for dollars.
  • Active technical support. The direct interaction of people with finance requires full-fledged active technical support.
  • Built-in cryptocurrency storage. You can store cryptocurrency after purchase right in the same place. This is not implemented on all sites, but Coinbase or BitcoinProApp allow you to do this.

The disadvantages of such programs are:

Possible security vulnerabilities. The inability to exchange bitcoin – the most popular currency – for other coins. Lack of monitoring of the Crypto market. In addition, many applications are focused on their countries, while others are completely prohibited in USA or other regions.

Of course, Coinbase or BitcoinProApp solves these problems, but in most other services you will need third-party programs to interact with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency portfolios and trackers

The most popular type of cryptocurrency applications in the AppStore and Play Market. At the same time, it has the most limited functionality compared to other types of Apps. Installed on the devices of almost all people who deal with cryptocurrency indirectly or directly.

Features of crypto portfolios:

  • The ability to monitor the market, effectively evaluate the Bitcoin price.
  • Compiling your own sets – portfolios. To evaluate profit and risk.
  • Daily news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Often bitcoin-like applications for mobile devices aggregate news from popular information and news sites.

Nice, informative interface. Most of these services use simple but beautiful charts with a minimalistic design.
The main disadvantage is the inability to do anything with this information directly from this application. You will need other places to buy, store or exchange bitcoin for other currencies.

Mobile cryptocurrency exchanges

The most professional yet complex way to interact with cryptocurrencies. Most large or medium-sized exchanges have their own apps for mobile devices. There are a large number of such sites. Many have been hacked and stolen. Therefore, use only the most proven, safe options. On some exchanges you can find very rare currencies.